Rhema Miracle Centre is an Assemblies of God church with strong fellowship and affiliation to AOG England and Wales and A/G Ghana. We believe in the entire Gospel and it commission to the church. Therefore at RMCAG, seek, equip, empower and release (SEER) generals to inherit Heaven and dominate the Earth.
Rhema was planted by Miracle Centre Assemblies of God as a seed with life and potential and to this day, the church is very active with vibrant Holy Spirit controlled worship, inspiriting and timeless messages for anointed people of God and a strong kononia fellowship.

In Rhema, we believe everyone needs a Word (Rhema) in the Word (Logos) which will motivate you to live the Word in the World. You can’t hear or read it all, just come and experience it.

Vision Statement:
“Living the Word in the World”

Mission Statement:
Reaching out to all with the gospel of Christ;
Representing one family in Christ;
Reflecting many nations and,
Releasing people into ministry.

Key Principles:
Worship:  “loving god with all your heart”
Fellowship:  “becoming a part of the church family”
Discipleship:  “learning how to become Christ – like”
Ministry:  “finding and fulfilling your role in the church”
Evangelism:  “reaching out to the community and the world with the gospel”

Who we are

Who we are

What we believe

What we do

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